First time RV traveler and blogger, experienced tourist, amateur photographer, self-proclaimed writer, and creator of SightseeingSally.



First time RV traveler, experienced tourist, Walt Disney World fan, practical joker, and contributor to SightSeeing Sally.

Our Story

After losing our jobs to permanent plant closures (similar circumstances, different employers), we decided to follow the wanderlust stirring in our souls and set out in our 34 foot rig for warmer weather. Loosely following Route 66, we are traveling throughout the United States, mainly staying west of the Mississippi and south of Illinois. We try to be thrifty to make every dollar stretch. Our favorite expression is, “If we don’t see you before then, we’ll see ya when we get there.”

Meet our Four Legged crew

We have four furry companions who accompany us on our travel adventures.


Otto (aka Mr. Weiner Dog)

Mr. Weiner Dog is a thirteen year old, purebred, rust colored Miniature Dachshund that runs the crew primarily from his favorite perch on Sally’s lap.


Mocha beans

Mocha Beans (or Mocha for short) is a five year old black and tan bossy Beagle that howls like a banshee when teased.


TyTy (aka crackhead)

TyTy is a rescued Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd of unknown origins that goes insane, like a crackhead, anytime the RV starts up or a leash comes out.


Mistel’s Anything Goes (aka Dottie)

Dottie is an eight year old, purebred, black and rust Doberman Pinscher that retired from show business at the ripe old age of 2.